Competitive Math and Coding Webinar

A weekly two-hour joint webinar covering the basics of resources, strategies, and tips for getting into competitive math and programming.



Competition math and coding turn STEM subjects into much more. The game-like structure of many competitions not only makes these fields enjoyable and understandable, but introduces the aspect of critical thinking. We want to help you find your own approach to these problems, along with tips, resources, and the necessary foundational skills to participate (and win) in competitive math and programming.


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Benefits of Attending

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Competition math and coding isn’t just about knowing formulas and typing semicolons. We want you to learn how to approach problems and broaden your thought processes, skills that will help you in everything.

Real Applications

Many problems used in competitions are far more advanced than what is taught in school curriculums. Not only does this add skills to your toolbox, but you can often actually apply these problems and ideas to other projects and real life!


Competitive math is different from your average algebra test – these are essentially games, and as with all games, why try to win if you’re not having fun?

Schedule of Events

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Weekly Saturday classes start July 18th.

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