Be Apart of The Change

Are you ready to help GirlsComputingLeague shatter conventional thinking about what it means to be a computer scientist? You rock! Take a look below to see how you can get started.

Show Me!

Beyond the Books

At GirlsComptuingLeague, we have and always will be a firm believer in visual and kinesthetic learning for students. Opportunities to play with robots, interact with cloud computing systems, or build applications for devices come far and few between for both young girls and minorities in certain communities. However, we need teams of volunteers, mentors, and leaders to carry out our objective. This is where you come in. Any contributions from you  – an hour of your time, a few dollars, or a little bit of energy – will go a long way and make a huge difference in these students’ lives!

Actions You Can Take Now

These are the specific areas where the GirlsComputingLeague needs your support. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated!

Partner or Sponsor

Any organization that wants to contribute employee time, money, or company products to benefit our cause is a valuable partner to us. Either take a look at our sponsorship opportunities or contact us if you are interested in partnering in another way.


Volunteering is any contribution of time you give us to support our back office, workshop, or event functions. Tasks range and our demand constantly change, so contact us if you want to help out! 

Speak or Mentor

These young women need leaders to aspire to and coaching to get there. If you are interested in speaking at any of our events or mentoring students in any capacity, we'd love to hear from you. 

Organize an Event

Have a venue you'd like to host one of our functions at or wish to set-up a workshop for the students in your community? Awesome! Shoot us a note and we'll help you get your event off the ground! Just as an FYI, we normally provide events to our sponsors first.


We know you get requests for monetary help all of the time, but your donations will help us obtain resources we can’t afford otherwise. Regardless of the quantity or frequency, every dollar helps us work toward our mission of making technology available to girls and minorities in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.  Click here go to our donation page and contribute to the Girls Computing League.


GirlsComputingLeague a nonprofit who aims to empower underrepresented groups in the technology workplace by fostering the interests of young women in computer science, data science, and technology. We specialize in teaching computer science, data science and information technology concepts to students in Northern Virginia and the Washington Metropolitan area.


GirlsComputingLeague is indeed a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 47-5186652). All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. We rely on corporate sponsors and individual donors to fund our programs and our team is entirely volunteer-based. You can see a full list of our Executive & Corporate Supporters on our Supporters page. Thank you for considering donating to GirlsComputingLeague. We truly appreciate your generosity!