AInnovation Business Summit

We are so excited that you registered as an initial entrant in the AInnovation Business Summit hosted by the GirlsComputingLeague. Due to the overwhelming number of applicants who have initially registered, we are opening up a final screening process for those who have registered through our Eventbrite System. In order for your seat to be finalized, you must review this page and submit the work required in the form below by March 7, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST. If you do not submit your work, your seat will be surrendered.


We Need Your Best Ideas!

As a result of hundreds of entrants pre-registering for the GCL AInnovation Business Summit, our team has decided to ask pre-registrants to finalize their registration by submitting team information, a project abstract and a presentation draft. At minimum, students must submit their team information and abstract before they are allowed into the competition. Students registering in teams may now submit one application for the entirety of their team, individual applications are no longer required.

Please see below what we are looking for…

Team Information

Please decide:

  • Who your teammates are and your team name.
  • Your category of project entry selected.

Project Abstract

For the Abstract, you must craft a brief 5-7 sentence paragraph about your project. Include information about why you see a need for your product, how it will be used, and why you would like to present it to the Harvard Business Panel Judges.

Project Draft

The project draft is not required to finish your registration, but it is strongly encouraged. For the project draft, you must build the following in a Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation:

  • A project outline (5 minute pitch and 2-3 min questioning, use as many slides as needed, so long as tour presentation fits within the time window).
  • A team introduction slide.
  • A problem statement slide
  • Dedicate two slides with other attempts to solve the problem statement as well as differentiators
  • Slides presenting your Solution and explain how it works
  • Slides presenting your business model (marketing strategies/ customers)
  • Include slides on your proposed implementation strategy.
  • Explain the impact of your solution (on as many slides as needed).
  • Provide images of a working prototype (optional).


(Anyone who does not submit a minimum of their abstract and team information may not be allowed into the event)

Submit Your Work

Teamwork is obviously encouraged, plagiarism is not. If at any point we see duplicate work from students that are not on the same team, your entry will be removed and your registration will be voided.


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