World Coding Relay 2019
GirlsComputingLeague is hosting its first global coding relay event for participants across the world. Unlike local events, the relay will start in a specific timeline and run for 4-6 hours in that region, the progress for participants in the first timezone will be passed onto the second and will continue around the globe. Join this spectacular event and compete with participants and developers to plan, design, and code the next greatest innovation!
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Event Sponsors & Supporters

GirlsComputingLeague is actively seeking sponsors from around the globe to make this event possible. Below are just a few of the sponsors who have already committed to helping with this massive event. If you or your organization is interested in making this event one of the farthest-reaching coding challenges for students around the globe, please send us an email using the button below.


API Supporters

About The Event


October 5 & 6, 2019 and October 12 & 13, 2019: Exact Time TBD, All Time Zones and Countries Welcome!


Exact Locations Based on Student Applications


Absolutely Free (Travel costs not included)


24 hours

Who’s Organizing This?

GirlsComputingLeague is partnering with the Veteran Administration Health Tech Sprint and the Presidential Innovation Fellows to host this relay.

The Goal

Participants are tasked with developing creative solutions to help increase patient awareness of clinical trials. Increasing patient awareness of clinical trials is believed to be a factor in reducing time for participant recruitment, a very large issue in clinical trials. Participants will have access to APIs containing millions of clinical trials and a starting interface with basic patient matching utility. In order to meet this goal, we seek to build AI algorithms to best do this task as well as build tools for improving patient care, aid recruitment, and reduce drug development costs.

The Desired Solution

We are creating a user tool that pulls their data from sources such as VA Health API and CMS Blue Button and provides matching for potential trials at the NCI cancer trials database that they may be eligible for. Eligibility criteria includes diagnostic conditions and demographic information. This initial tool may be expanded based on other data sources of patient information, clinical trials, and eligibility criteria. The final application will be in line with the government’s Health Tech Sprint’s goal to improve care and experience for patients.

“A Global Phenomenon”

The World Coding Relay is a unique twist on a traditional 24-hour coding challenges and competitions. Instead of limiting it to one specific area, our goal is to expand and incorporate participants of different backgrounds and cultures from around the world to participate in global collaboration. The relay will be initiated in a single time zone and participants will be allotted a certain time period (approximately 4-6 hours) to plan, design, and code their ideas. Their progress is passed onto the next time zone, and the process is repeated around the entire globe. Participants in each timezone build upon the work done by participants in the previous timezone, and the final product will incorporate various ideas from unique perspectives and world-views.

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly will the participants be able to access the previous code and files? - Will they need to create some sort of account to edit the code?
The code will be shared with all of the participants at the beginning of the relay. They will use a version control system to pass on code and relevant data.
Are there any set features that the participants will need to code for, or can they add whatever features they want?
They can add whatever they want to the current base design made by the organizers.
How long will each time zone have the code available to them for?
Each time zone will have 4-6 hours.
How many people/teams from each time zone can participate in the event?
From each time zone, a team of 3-4 participants can participate
Is the coding relay open to anyone or is it only aimed towards a specific age group?
Students of all ages and professionals are welcome. We need 1-3 hours of your time. Please contact us:
Will the project will circulate around the different time zones or will it go to each time zone only once?
The project will come to each time zone only once.
How do I contribute in the relay?
You can contribute to the world coding relay by participating in any of the tracks.
  1.  Idea contribution: Contribute an idea how we can innovatively improve the current Clinical Trial system.
  2. Application development for Clinical Trial system: Code features and help develop the Clinical Trial system
  3. Testing the current application: Navigate and test the current Clinical trial system

Initial Registration Open

Whether you are working professional in IT or student in middle or high school, We are so glad you interested in being apart of this global coding relay. We’d be honored and glad to have you as apart of the competition! Presently we are working to organize some logistical pieces of the event, but we’d love to hear if you are interested or would like to be apart of this event before we open registration. Please use the form below to indicate your interest!

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