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InnovateGCL at Capital One
It is our honor and privilege to host an all-day coding competition in partnership with Capital One in which college students from around the nation will have the opportunity to engineer solutions for real-world problems. The competition will be held at the new Capital One Headquarters in Tysons Corner, and any student presently enrolled in a higher education institution in the United States is invited to compete!
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What is InnovateGCL at Capital One?

Held at the brand new Capital One headquarters in Tysons, Virginia, InnovateGCL at Capital One is an 8-hour co-ed collegiate competition in which students from across the country from all disciplines can come together to apply innovative technologies to develop novel solutions to real world problems!

Capital One Tysons Corner

This is the venue for Hack GCL at Capital One!


September 14, 2019 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM


Capital One Tysons Corner M2 Building 1600 Capital One Drive – 6th floor Conference Floor, McLean, VA 22102

Cost for Entry

Completely Free (Student must pay for living accommodations, if needed)


Top Prize is $500, with rewards for every competition track!

Your Time to Shine

GirlsComputingLeague will be hosting a national competition this fall in partnership with Capital One to give students the opportunity to innovate without boundaries during an all-day collaborative competition.

The Competiton

InnovateGCL@CapitalOne will specifically feature six tracks of skills and development: Financial Technology (Fintech), Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Health, Cybersecurity, and Education. However, we have left an open track for other innovative student-created solutions that stretch beyond these six main categories. There will be rewards presented by Capital One for the most innovative projects presented!

InnovateGCL Topic Tracks & Awards

Fintech (Financial Technology)

InnovateGCL@Capital One is looking to have students showcase their innovative projects and ideas in the field of fintech using artificial intelligence, among other technologies.


1st place – $500, 2nd place – $300, 3rd place – $250, 4th place – $200, 5th place – $150 Most Innovative product – $100, Best pitch – $100, All Girls Best Product – $100


InnovateGCL@Capital One provides an opportunity for students to develop and compete products related to education.


1st place – $500, 2nd place – $300, 3rd place – $250, 4th place – $200, 5th place – $150 Most Innovative product – $100, Best pitch – $100, All Girls Best Product – $100

Artificial Intelligence

InnovateGCL@Capital One is looking to have students develop and present their innovative projects that make use of artificial intelligence to solve problems.


1st place – $500, 2nd place – $300, 3rd place – $250, 4th place – $200, 5th place – $150 Most Innovative product – $100, Best pitch – $100, All Girls Best Product – $100


InnovateGCL@Capital One provides students the opportunity to showcase their projects that aim to improve area in the health field such as medical diagnoses.


1st place – $500, 2nd place – $300, 3rd place – $250, 4th place – $200, 5th place – $150 Most Innovative product – $100, Best pitch – $100, All Girls Best Product – $100


InnovateGCL@Capital One provides students the opportunity to showcase projects that aim to improve cybersecurity and the safety of consumers and clients.


1st place – $500, 2nd place – $300, 3rd place – $250, 4th place – $200, 5th place – $150 Most Innovative product – $100, Best pitch – $100, All Girls Best Product – $100


Students who choose the cloud track for InnovateGCL@Capital One will submit innovative projects that apply cloud technologies.


1st place – $500, 2nd place – $300, 3rd place – $250, 4th place – $200, 5th place – $150 Most Innovative product – $100, Best pitch – $100, All Girls Best Product – $100

Free Choice

InnovateGCL@Capital One will have an open category for students to demonstrate their capabilities in any other technology related field of their interest. Any other topic is welcome, pending application acceptance.


1st place – $500, 2nd place – $300, 3rd place – $250, 4th place – $200, 5th place – $150 Most Innovative product – $100, Best pitch – $100, All Girls Best Product – $100

Schedule of Events

Registration, Breakfast, and Student Networking - 7:30 AM
Students need to arrive promptly to register with our student leaders for the event. Due to the volume of students expected at this event, we recommend you arrive a bit before 7:30 PM to ensure you are properly registered before introductions and coding begins.
Capital One Speakers Presentation - 8:30 AM
GCL’s student leadership and Capital One will open the event with a brief introduction and ensure all teams are ready to jump into the programming. We’ll go through an overview of the workshop schedule and countdown to that start of the competition.
Competition Starts & Workshops Begin - 8:30 AM
Let the competition begin! Students will have about three and a half hours to work together in teams to build their solutions. We highly recommend that teams pre-program as much as possible before the event as recruiting and workshops will occur during this period too.
Lunch & Capital One Panel - 12:00 PM
Lunch will be served on behalf of GirlsComputingLeague during a panel hosted by Capital One. We will do our best to accommodate all allergies and needs of our student’s dietary restrictions.
Coding & Workshops Continue - 1:00 PM
After lunch, you’ll have time to either finish tailoring your project for presentaions, or you’ll be able to attend our final workshops for the day.
Coding Ends & Student Presenations Begin - 3:30 PM
Hands down, work is due for submission. At this point, teams have the opportunity to present their work to their track’s SMEs for judging.
Awards Ceremony - 5:00 PM
Awards for the competition will be presented here, and students can expect the event to come to a close at around 6:00 PM.

InnovateGCL Sponsors

These are a few of the companies who have chosen to help make this event possible. If your organization is interested in sponsoring this opportunity for students around the nation, please send us an email at

Rules & Registration

The rules are simple:

Pre-Coding is Allowed

You are welcome to pre-code your product and then attend the competition. On competition day, you can refine your code and pitch. Because there are workshops at this competition as well, we want to make sure our students have as much time as they need to interact with the other offerings at this awesome event.

Open Source & Past Work Permitted

Teams are welcome to make use of code libraries and open source volumes in their projects, so long as an original creation comes of using these resources. Teams are also free to build upon past projects they have already built.

Mentors are Available

On the day of the event, teams and individual competitors will have access to volunteers, organizers, and sponsors to refine their project before presenting. This consultation may prove helpful if teams prepare to receive such assistance beforehand.

Teams Must Unite

If you are competing with a team, all registered team members must be in attendance on competition day. Absent team members may lead to potential team disqualification within the competition. GirlsComputingLeague also discourages teams larger the 5-6 members as awards are limited and will be divided among team members.

Are you ready to sign up for InnovateGCL at Capital One? Excellent, we are ready and excited to have you! Below is our general application for the event that determines you and your team’s eligibility for attendance. Please fill out the form as completely as you can to ensure we give you the best possible chance of attendance and success at the competiton. Thanks for applying and good luck!

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