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Machine Learning Workshop
An informative set of 8 sessions across 4 weeks that introduces the basic concepts of Machine Learning and Deep Learning through interactive sessions. At the end of the sessions, the participants will construct a machine learning model to distinguish between types of brain tumors.


Girls Computing League is hosting a Machine Learning Workshop, where we will introduce the intricacies of machine learning algorithms and neural networks to students with no prior programming experience. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary skills to construct your own machine learning models to assist yourself or other individuals.

With the skills we teach throughout our series of 8 sessions, we believe we can help you make a social and possibly global impact. Some concepts we will cover include regression tasks, binary classification, and image segmentation. Sessions will occur on Saturday and Sunday every week for 4 weeks. In the last session, the participants will build a model to segment brain tumors.

Benefits of Attending

Why you should register for our Machine Learning Workshop!

Importance of AI/ML

AI is incorporated in products everywhere around us from phones to traffic lights. Through this course, we  hope to focus on one aspect of Artificial Intelligence called Machine Learning. From learning about regression tasks for predicting housing prices to using neural networks for simple object detection, you will understand the importance and necessity for Machine Learning in our everyday lives.

Project Based Learning

Not only will we teach the theoretical and mathematical aspect behind machine learning, but we will also build several projects throughout the course. Some of the projects include determining if a picture is a cat or not and categorizing MRI scans into 3 different brain tumors. These interactive, project-oriented sessions will provide you with a strong basis for applying Machine Learning for yourself and hopefully for others.

Real-Life Example

The tools that we will teach you (Tensorflow and Keras) are used in everyday lives and in the industry. Additionally, many of the projects we will cover are actively present in the Machine Learning sector of research. We hope that you can use the concepts and tools we provide to you to make your community and possibly the world a better place.

Schedule of Events

More Info

Weekly workshops wiil be held at 6-7:30pm EDT on Saturdays and Sundays.

Session 1: August 8th, 2020
Ice Breaker, Course Agenda, Fundamentals of AI, ML, DL 
Session 2: August 9th
Intro to Linear regression and Logistic regression models
Session 3: August 15th
Construct regression models to perform housing prediction task
Sesson 4: August 16th, 2020
Random forest model and decision tree, RF classification tasks
Session 5: August 22nd
Intro to neural networks and basic classification tasks
Session 6: August 23rd
Intro to deep learning using CNNs and RNNs
Session 7: August 29th
Learning how to optimize machine learning models 
Session 8: August 30th
Develop a ML model to differentiate between types of brain tumours


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