GCL Virtual Series

Robotics Webinar
A 2 hour long webinar where we discuss the basics of FTC/FLL, including building, programming, outreach, project guidelines, and more. We will also have an Q&A session at the end.


Girls computing league is conducting online webinars on FTC and FLL, two different levels of FIRST robotics competitions.

Our target is to explain in-depth what steps to take to set up your team for success. The webinars will include information on the major components that are crucial for competing in FIRST Lego League (FLL) and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), including, and not limited to: robot design, programming, and Computer Aided Design (CAD). We will also help provide information that will make teams look more presentable in front of judges. Each webinar will be two hours long and will include a Q&A session.

These webinars are conducted for kids to learn the basics of STEAM, technology, and designing. We hope you can join our event and come out more knowledgeable about not only FLL and FTC but also robotics in general.

Schedule of Events

More Info

FLL Webinar - 2:00 PM
Introduction: Student Leaders, What is FLL, The parts and timeline of FLL, Agenda of presentation

About Building: Large and small motors, Color, touch, gyro, and Ultrasonic Sensors, Gears

Programming: Mindstorms block programming, Simple moving and/or line following program


Core Values of FLL

Robot Demo: Virtual demo of simple line following (or simpler program)

YouTube video of FLL game

Q&A Session

FTC Webinar - 4:00 PM
Introduction: Overview of all the parts of FTC

CAD Demonstration: Introducing CAD and how it works, Explaining autobox fusion /Onshape

Robot Demo: Video of matches

About building: Motors vs. servos, Types of wheels, Types of sensors, Custom base or TileRunner, Common attachments, Linear slides

Programming: Onbot Java, How to connect phones, Android Studio, Common methods

Engineering Notebook/Outreach/Presentation: What they are, How detailed they should be, How to best present in 5 minutes

Q&A Session


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GirlsComputingLeague a nonprofit who aims to empower underrepresented groups in the technology workplace by fostering the interests of young women in computer science, data science, and technology. We specialize in teaching computer science, data science and information technology concepts to students in Northern Virginia and the Washington Metropolitan area.


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